With A Gay Twist

S02E04: A War On Education

February 12, 2023 Mason Dixon & Zachary Byrd Season 2 Episode 4
With A Gay Twist
S02E04: A War On Education
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Zach and Mason discuss the ongoing war on education, specifically those battles in Florida pertaining to African American history, Critical Race Theory, forced patriotism lessons and continued application of the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Plus...Zach got married! And Mason tells us about this week's Queer Person in History: Marsha P. Johnson

Segment Time Stamps:

Queer Corner: 21:51
What's New: 29:05
Patron Shout Out: 49:16
I Don't Know Her: 49:57

Links to this week's news:

HP Legacy video game featuring first Trans NPC
Desantis rejects AP American African History course
The Plaza in danger of losing liquor license

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