With A Gay Twist

S02E01: New Year, New Season, New Congress

January 02, 2023 Mason Dixon & Zachary Byrd Season 2 Episode 1
With A Gay Twist
S02E01: New Year, New Season, New Congress
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Mason and Zach talk about the stories we missed, Biggest stories (US and World) of 2022, and the new 118th Congress. Plus, Zach teaches us about the Queer Person You Should Know: Willem Arondeus

Segment Time Stamps:
Stories We Missed ~ 02:43
In Memoriam ~ 22:47
Biggest Stories of 2022 ~ 25:37
The New Congress ~ 39:03
Zach No Mo' Twitter ~ 47:48
Announcement ~ 49:45
Join Our Team ~ 50:50
I Don't Know Her ~ 52:15

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And remember, being queer IS political.

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Stories We Missed
In Memoriam
Biggest Stories of 2022
The New Congress
Zach No Mo' Twitter
Join Our Team
I Don't Know Her: Willem Arondeus